Wednesday, March 3, 2010

that's not nice

i was putting Z to sleep & he was playing, joking & laughing then he said
Z - "i love you more than Poppa"
me - "that's not nice"
Z - "then i love Poppa more than you"
me - "that's not nice either!!!!"

updated [sorry but i had to, it was so stinkin cute]:
when i went to bed last night i found Z had left a flower on my nightstand; he can be quite the lil charmer!


  1. yeah, he was trying but not getting it!

  2. hard for them to understand that big of a concept. he actually did love you more at that moment just because of how much fun he was having. not really an overall feeling of the love he has for you & his poppa.

    when cieran was littler i would tease her and say "i love you cieran" when she wasn't in a good mood. and she'd say back "i no love you maya" every time i said it. it would upset sueanna because it didn't sound nice but i thought it was funny. it wasn't that she didn't love me it was just that she didn't want to deal with me. lol


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