Tuesday, March 18, 2008

taste like nothing

i didn’t know what to make for dinner last night, i just pulled a chunk of beef out of the freezer. B got home early so i asked him to throw some marinate on there & i’d figure something out when i got home.

i still didn’t really have a clue what to do so i decided to wing it & threw some onions & bell pepper in the pan with olive oil, then a can of stewed tomatos & some seasonings. while that cooked i sliced the meat into bite size pieces & threw that into the pan too, but it didn’t taste like anything so i added more seasonings. more garlic, more italian mixture, more cumin but still nothing. i even added a few sprinkles of cayenne, hoping to get something, but still no luck. i was hungry so i gave up & decided it was time to eat even though i wasn’t pleased with my creation.

when B joined Z & i at the dinner table i told him it didn’t taste like much & he would have to add something to his serving. surprisingly he said it tasted good to him, because he wouldn’t say that just to make me feel good. we went down the list of everything i added & he said, yes, it was good.

then i remembered, maybe my taste buds were a little off from that vodka & white grapefruit juice i was drinking while i cooked dinner...hmmm

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