Saturday, March 29, 2008


on Friday i asked Z if he wanted to go to the library to get new books for our trip down to sd next week. he said yes, but didn’t want to go that day, he wanted to go the next day. i told him that was fine, but if we didn’t make it on Sat we wouldn’t be able to go before our trip.

Sat am i remind him about the library, that if he wants to go, he has to get clothes.
a few hours later he asks me how soon does he have to get dressed, can he wait until dark? no i tell him, it will be closed by dark.
then he contests "but we’ve been there in the dark"
"yes, we have, but it was in the winter"

& all i can think about is how difficult is it to get some clothes on! we don’t have to go to the library if he doesn’t want to go, but this whole getting dressed first thing is a huge obstacle, something he really needs to weigh his options on, do i really need to explain the whole daylight savings, timezone differences, moon’s gravitational pull on the earth, earth orbits the sun bs to him just to get him dressed before it gets dark??????

so finally sometime in the afternoon as i’m passing his room i catch him changing out of his jammies. ok, really he sitting on his bed naked & his trying to figure out where his shin guards go & he’s strapping them on around his thighs. whatever, half way there right?

about 1/2 hour later i call him to the kitchen to help me make some koolaid (his job is to pick out the flavor), & he hollers back at me "i can’t i’m naked"....still...

so i tell him to just hurry up & put some clothes so he can come help me, which he does & we make our koolaid
we sat in the backyard & enjoyed the weather & grass. then he asked me about the shin guards, where do they go & what are they for so i explained to him "when you play soccers the chin guards protect your legs" (no, those aren’t typos & no there was no alcohol in my koolaid, that’s just me slurrying my words)

we never made it to the library, he actually forgot about it & didn’t even ask.

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