Thursday, March 6, 2008

my beer belly

alright, i'll completely admit that i'm REALLY fond of the lead singer for the strokes. i love his voice & can listen to him for hours. last night i had a dream that i asked him to autograph my belly...that's a little over the line (well, i'm not going into details, it was just a dream)...but more importantly why my belly?

even though i've always been thin, never had to struggle with my weight, i've always had a little beer belly (although beer has nothing to do with it). now that i'm a whopping 113lbs the belly is a little bigger. how much bigger? well a few weeks ago B asked (in front of family!) "what's up with your belly? you look like you're a few months pregnant" did you get that - IN FRONT OF FAMILY! tactful, huh?

so why am i dreaming about Julian signing my big ole pregnant looking but not really belly? next dream i'll have him sign my ass, that'll be better. Julian, i hope you're take notes...because i'm sure you're reading this....

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