Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sawing logs

the other morning B told me i was snoring all night long, which is really hard to believe. not just snoring but he said i was "sawing logs". i don’t think snoring is a big deal, but i’m a really super duper light sleeper & if i make or hear any sound i usually wake up. then he tells me "see how nice i am, i didn’t nudge you or wake you up" because i’m not that nice.

see sharing a bed with B is like sleeping with a wild animal. i’m surprised i’ve never woken up on the floor or across the room for that matter. he tosses & turns throughout the night, snores loudly on occasion & it’s not unusual to wake up with the sheets in complete disorder. when he gets hot he also suffers from what we refer to as "twitchy foot".

one time when we lived in our apt i ended up going to sleep on the sofa early in the morning because i couldn’t fall asleep due to the twitchy foot. just as i would start to fall asleep the bed would shake & this happened over & over. when my alarm went off B came into the living room mad that i wasn’t in bed & said "why are you sleeping out here?" with all kinds of ’tude. so with only 2 hours of sleep i was pretty pissy i responded with "it was either that or cut of your f’ing foot". he was much nicer after that.

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