Friday, March 14, 2008

boys are different

now, i know i talked about a daily tantrum (more of a threat i guess) but i didn’t do it because i could easily see that getting boring, but don’t for one minute think they haven’t been’s a few stories from the past week:

beings B’s worked nights last week Z had to test his boundaries with me. one night as i went into the kitchen to fix dinner i noticed something in Lady’s food dish. i knew i hadn’t put it there & B had been gone since early afternoon & if it was something good, L would have already eaten it. because i didn’t have my glasses on i had to bend down & really get a good look of...........DOG SHIT in the bowl. now here’s the thing, not only did Z have to pick it up & bring it inside, the kitchen door doesn’t work so he had to bring it in from the bedroom door & walk all the way down the hall holding poop! good thing that boy does not have siblings!

on thursday when i picked him up from afternoon school they had 2 great things to tell me...the first was that when Z went to greet his caregiver instead of a hello or something nice like that he yelled at her "i’m going to kill you"...nice huh? the other thing was they told me he tried to flush a jacket down the toilet.

when we drove home we talked about both things, the "i’m going to kill you" was obviously some left over anger issues (he’s been fighting with the boys in class) but where did the toilet thing come from? he explained that he left his jacket at school & he was cold so he borrowed one out of the lost & found. however he chose a pink one & the girls were making fun of him so when he went to the bathroom he left it on the floor in there & he didn’t know who put it in the toilet.

the next morning i had to call him in sick for the day. when i called his afternoon school the guy said he was glad i had called that he wanted to talk to me & asked if i heard about the toilet incident. i told him yes & gave him my side of the story, which was completely different from his. he did say Z gave him one of the funniest moments he had experienced in his 18 yrs of working there (that’s my kid). he said Z completely admitting to shoving the sweatshirt down the toilet. he also said not only was it pink, it was VERY pink, magenta pink (hence the girls making fun of him).

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