Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter - Sat & Sun

Saturday was the Easter egg hunt, so we did that in the morning. Z ran into one of his buddies there, so that was cute to see them hanging out. then we went to town for the afternoon. we talked & laughed a lot, just like we used to, it was good to feel that again.

Sat nite i was sicker than a dog & didn’t get to sleep until after 5:30am, so needless to say i wasn’t my usual perky self (ha!) for the Easter festivities. when Z got up i took him over to his basket to see his goodies; it was a little sparse this year. the grandmas usually go over the top so i only picked out a few things only to find out both of them sent him cold hard cash. (who knew the Easter bunny was rich? i mean i don’t remember EVER getting cash for Easter?)

the neighbors invited us over for brunch which was really nice & smelled really good but i was afraid to eat although i was hungry & ready to wrestle someone to the ground for their plate of homemade corned beef hash (i was sure to lose in my weakened state, so i didn’t try). we hid eggs for the kids there & it was really fun to see them searching for them. we also did the confetti eggs which is always a blast; Z still cries when he gets one over the head though!

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