Monday, March 24, 2008

no pain no gain

once we finished the hall bath the next project was the backyard (well, really it’s the broken door to get to the backyard but it’s broken from all the sand so before we replace the door we have to fix the sand problem, i told you it was ghetto!). whenever weather permitted we were out there leveling, digging trenches, laying sprinkler lines, covering sprinkler lines, leveling again, leveling again, leveling again (can we stop leveling now???? evidently not).

once it was leveled to 100ths of an inch from corner to corner we put bags of dirt on our sand. rows upon rows of bags, i didn’t realize how big our yard was until i saw all those bags that had to be opened, emptied of their contents & dang it, we had to level some more (so the first 12 times of leveling didn’t count, didn’t matter, we could have been off a little & no one would have been the wiser?)

the sod was supposed (key words there) to be delivered between 9 & 11am, but they arrived at 8:30 interrupted another round of leveling (& a crude one at that - because we were tired from all the previous ones!). so there sat 3 pallets of sod, i leveled dirt while B placed sod, it’s tough work, not for wimps like me.

after we had a good portion of work done a friend & neighbor showed up almost simultaneously & offered help, i responded with "i’m a woman on my knees, i’m not about to turn down help". their timing was perfect as both B & i were losing our momentum, so their effort gave us extra incentive to get the job done. we finished about 1 or 2pm & the yard looked great!

now we can get a door to the backyard that opens & closes - Whoohoo!

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