Tuesday, March 11, 2008

birthday weekend

it was B’s birthday weekend & because the weather was good we worked our tails off. nice weather, on a weekend, is a rarity around here, so we knew we had to hit it & hit it hard.

we’ve spent the past months perfecting our couch potato bodies (i on the sofa, B on his computer chair) so to get up & move (much less be day laborers) took a lot of effort. He worked on installing sprinkler lines in the backyard while I shoveled dirt & Z played in the dirt/mud/water.

Sat am I bake B a cake with our new mixer (note on how to get a new mixer – let husband use old one to mix grout), then we worked on the yard all day long. that evening we went out for sushi dinner. he decided to have a quiet dinner just the 2 of us after all. i’m pretty sure the sushi chef thought we were both complete pigs – oh well, they shouldn’t offer "all you can eat" if they’re not willing to dish it out. they were lucky we weren’t starving, we would have put them out of business!

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