Friday, March 14, 2008

rough night

we’ve all been on the cusp of getting sick again; sneezy, snotty & coughy us 3. the weather’s changing, daylight savings passed & school threw in some minimum days; all ended up being too much for the little one. every morning he said his belly hurt & his appetite was depressed.

on thursday night he had soup for dinner & was off to bed. as i was falling asleep i heard a cough but i wasn’t sure if i dreamt it or it was real, then i heard the 2nd cough. i went to check on Z & the top 1/2 of his bed was covered in puke. i don’t know if he was still asleep or in shock because i told him to go to the bathroom but he didn’t move so i had to pick him up & carry him (as he puked more in my hand). thankfully B heard the commotion & i told him i needed his help. so i took care of Z while he took care of the bedding which was a blessing because it smelled SO BAD! i ended up doing like 6 loads of laundry for all the bedding, towels, rugs, pj’s, pillows - washed 2x in hot water with extra soap & extra rinse cycle.

but when i went back to bed, i couldn’t fall asleep because i could not get that smell out of my nose! you would think with all the puke i’ve been around i should have a higher tolerance - hello, TJ nights????, to this day i can not use scrubbing bubbles with out thinking of tequila; then throw in years of getting migraines & pregnancy when i was sick on a daily basis for months; i should be completely immune.

thankfully Z’s all better, it was just one rough night of pukey & crappy (added to sneezy, snotty & coughy). fingers crossed B & I don’t come down with it next.

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