Tuesday, March 4, 2008

not ready

B's birthday is on Sun & i'm not ready for it, i had plans but they keep on getting messed up.

we were supposed to be in sd all this week, so i knew i'd be able to come up with something down there - go out somewhere nice to eat, have someone watch the kid, go shopping find him something...but the sd trip was postponed for another month.

then i thought we'd go away somewhere else for a weekend, rent a cabin in the mtns. i asked before setting anything up & at first he said yes, sounded good. then as i'm about to call & make reservations he says no, too much going on, too many pending activities, too many unknowns...so much for me setting something up without telling him every little detail.

now we are down to dinner, he's chosen where, he's deciding when & whom he will invite - so much for surprises....

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