Monday, March 17, 2008

hard coded onto the Y chromosome

ok, so Z’s a boy & he’s 5 - no surprises there. for sometime i’ve made a point of not letting him see me change, i either go to a different room, go behind a door, or at least turn around. but last night he was talking (i’m sure he spoke a million words each day he’s been talking so much lately) but he was in the middle of a story so i didn’t leave, i didn’t go behind the door & i didn’t even think of turning around & what happens as i change into my pjs? mid sentence, possible even mid word, he stops talking.

(AHHH, silence, but where does this silence come from??)

although i’m absolutely loving this rare moment of quiet, i feel obligated to look, wondering what’s wrong, why has the constant stream stopped even if only for 10 brief seconds?


yeah, he saw them & i caught him in a mystical stare (just like his father’s). i said "hey you’re not supposed be looking at those" & can you guess what his answer was?

and i quote "I was looking at your eyes"

no fricken joke, that was his answer!

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