Sunday, March 23, 2008

my ham

this entry is a little late, but it’s worth the time of going back...

so remember, i was a little dazed on sunday from my all night affair with the toilet that ran into the wee hours of the morning, but by the afternoon i thought i was doing pretty good. B had purchased the annual Easter ham, so i decided i could handle that, it’s a ham, you throw it in the oven & just make sure you don’t burn it right? the most important part is to remember to remove the plastic wrap & i managed that, then i rubbed it down with some brown sugar & thought it was ready for the oven.

then i noticed the skin was kinda funny, i mean funny even for know why because some asshole out there thought it would be really funny to put a second layer of plastic on my ham!

good thing i didn’t have a drink at lunch that day, we would have had plastic ham for dinner (& a smokin’ house)

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