Friday, April 1, 2011

ghetto house updates

you know how on your taxes it asks for your occupation? i'm thinking of changing my title to slumlord. i wonder what they do with that info?

anyways, i got an email from wife-tenant the other day letting us know the garbage disposal wasn't working & that the sink was draining slowly. i contacted a plumber, he said he would make contact & get back with me before doing anything. we assumed most likely the garbage disposal was kaput, but of course there was an off chance the tenant had caused it.

the next call i got was from the plumber that all was taken care of & the tenant had paid, although they were surprised. he was positive foreign matter blocked the blades, tripped the switch so it longer functioned & then the sludge built up causing the slow drain.

then a day or 2 day later B got a call from husband-tenant. an urgent call that summer was on it's way & they had no cooling options. i thought the window unit was in, but B told me they had him remove it bc of the draft. this was thursday morning & had an open schedule so h-tenant said he would check on scheduling & get back with us.

we assumed, beings he initiated the call, in a flurry, that the call back would be soon. or in a few hours, but thursday came & went. we packed up ready to hit the road & waited.....ok, we got camping stuff together (next post) & jammed everything in the car.

friday morning we said screw it & headed for big bear. we even took the north route, thinking there was a remote chance the tenant would call last minute. but nope. it wasn't until after 5pm he finally called back saying sat wasn't good for them, but how about sun?

due to RUSH, then wait, wait, wait, wait for that reply......B told him we had plans & wouldn't be able to make it up there for a few weeks. surprisingly h-tenant asked if B thought he could hook up the cooler. B walked him through it all over the phone, told him to call back if he had any problems & he said he would give it a try in the morning.

he did call, but he got it! so yeah, they have cool air & we didn't have to go.
but we still will have to make a trip up there soon before it gets much hotter, but hopefully not so last minute.


  1. ay you guys aren't slum lords. lol but i still can't get over them not calling back until FRIDAY after being in such a panic about the chance of being hot. weirdos.

  2. i'm pretty sure you hit the nail in the head that the house was a mess & they (ie, w-tenant) didn't want us to see it like that.


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