Saturday, April 2, 2011

a camping we will go - pt I

we did it, i did it, we went....IN THE SNOW.
although we didn't know that was going to be there...

off the cuff we decided beings we were heading north at some point to go take care ghetto house matters, we would fit in a camping trip. we figured we'd go take care of that stuff, visit with R, then camp, of course you know nothing we plan works out that way. so scratch the first parts & go directly to the camping.

we took the 18 route, which was bad for Z, way too many curves, he didn't say anything but he fell asleep & when we arrived at the campgrounds he told us his tummy wasn't right. the snow made all those concerns go away quickly though. yep, there was snow on the ground & we had ourselves a fight alright, in our flipflops. gotta love california!

we walked around the campsite, chose our spot, unloaded & set up a tent. here's where i'll mention the camping newbie noticed our brand new tent, the roof, was mesh, like madonna's shirts so many years ago & there's snow on the ground.....
there was another covering & i would be in there with 2 heaters the boys, i thought i'd probably be fine, possibly hot even with those 2.

moving on....B chose serrano campground bc it had bathrooms & he knows i need to be eased into this whole outdoorsy escapade, baby steps! fyi, they had showers too, which would be nice in the summer, but there was no way i would use them when there was snow out.

after unpacking we made a quick trip into town for some wood so we could head over to the discovery center when we returned. the center was already closed for the day by the time we got there, but that was fine, it was a nice little walk to explore the area before we started dinner.

shortly before it was dark Z & I hunted around for marshmallow browning sticks, i think that was one of his favorite things to do, just walk in the forest. we threw some wrapped potatoes in the fire, B skewered some chicken & a can of beans was our first camping meal. i couldn't believe B brought my godiva dark chocolate to make s' all fairness he did ask beforehand, but really what was i supposed to say, no? we did bring a couple of hershey bars but you know the boy wouldn't have that when dark chocolate was an option.

i was surprised at how well Z did with the lack of electronics....well, i think i was actually more impressed with B, Z brought a DS. i still used my phone for games & fb bc i'm awful like that. B went cold turkey & lives to tell about it.

we went to bed but i couldn't sleep; the sounds were weird & i was cold. besides forest noises, the highway was surprisingly busy in addition to that the interior campground road had the traffic of a 24-hr discount drive thru costco!!! trucks, trailers, motorcycles, did you ever see "wolf creek"? well if you did, you probably recall [vividly, or just me?] the sound of the truck & THAT was what all the vehicles sounded like.

try & sleep with those thoughts in your head....not to mention freezing body parts. i did eventually get up & put on a pair of yoga pants under my flannel pjs which helped, some. i slept in bits & pieces then when the sun was beginning some feathered beast in a tree within inches from our tent starting making the most awful sounds you could ever imagine.

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