Saturday, April 23, 2011

the boy

i never claimed to be a mommy blogger, so you can't say anything about no Z posts. it has been a few months since my dear friend Peggy has given me a call [why yes, we are on a first name basis, well...i am, she may not be], but that doesn't mean the boy's been out of trouble. it just means he's managed to not get in THAT much trouble or that he hasn't gotten caught.

so again, right before easter spring break he had to make sure he ended that with a shabang & really test boundaries at home & at school. there were plenty of yellow & orange cards, i don't think there were any reds. um, part of that might be bc he's been turning his card the wrong way again....

i decided i was tired of all the not green colors & have really been making an effort to look into getting him evaluated for adhd & trying to find programs, assistance, um, how about what to do? where to start?

i look & read but get nowhere. a friend suggested a place that helped her son immensely, but when i called they told me they only helped children already diagnosed with severe disabilities like autism, etc. & then she hung up the phone as soon as possible without giving me the chance to ask if she could give me any other leads.

his first week of school, he did it, A FULL WEEK of green, for reals! we're only in the last trimester of the school year, but whatever, let me enjoy this, he worked hard for it! & he wasn't even sick or on medication!

when i asked him what he wanted to do to celebrate he told me he wanted to invite everyone over like we did for poppa's birthday & have a water balloon fight. i was thinking something like chuck e cheese or a movie, so we'll see how this goes.

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