Monday, April 4, 2011

survived the camping

we came home on the 38 & it was WAY easier drive than the 18. oh, i forgot to mention we initially tried to go up the 330 but it was closed. there wasn't much for traffic & there were tons of pulls out & all the slow drivers pulled over so faster drivers could pass, it was a fab drive down the hill. not only that, we were pretty much at the bottom of it when i thought about putting in in neutral & coasting, the car got over 45mpg, the highest it's ever gotten - whoohoo!

at best it's been about 32mpg & i thought that was great, that alone was keeping me from getting a new car [never mind not having a job to pay for one....]. although my body was not happy with all the crap food we'd eaten the car stopped at A&W, i couldn't help it.
burger, yes, fries, yes, rootbeer float, hell ya!
we had to complete the weekend appropriately right?

we made it home, unpacked & set our clothing on fire. well, i was tempted....with my clothing at least....the yoga pants i had put on night 1 never came off my body until we returned home. ok, they came off for a couple of minutes while i changed my chonies, i HAD to change those....then the pants went right back on for an extra layer that i had to have.

i exfoliated & facialed, showered & omg finally shaved mah legs! surprisingly one of the things i was most worried about wasn't a problem; i am old & i don't get greasy hair, well, not like i used to. greasy for normal people but not for me.
& that night i slept. i was warm. there were no murdering trucks within a few feet of my head. nor squawking feathered beast.

yah for home!

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