Friday, April 22, 2011


several emails & phone calls later, uncle got it going & i went back to the facility to assist with getting nana signed up for the hospice. although unlikely, the enrollment/admissions person agreed that if there were any concerns about the morphine, but percocet worked, it would be better to switch her to oxycontin.

the facility nurse also informed us it was confirmed nana has a uti & that could be causing her recent change in behavior.

a hospice nurse is supposed to come in to observe nana, how she's doing, her pain level, how the meds work for her, etc. the initial observation will be high, part of it is to determine what level of care she really needs. once the antibiotics start working, we will really know if the behavior changes are from the morphine, the uti, or the inevitable....

but today is a WIN!
[sad that a confirmed uti & signing up for hospice is considered a win, but it is]

i'm happy & relieved. before i left i stepped into nana's room. the tv was on & i could see that her eyes were open so i turned on the light & she looked at me!!!!! she hadn't looked at me in 2 days, i missed that. i'm going to really miss that!

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