Sunday, April 3, 2011

a camping we will go - pt II

B made coffee while i went off to attempt a normal morning routine. i brushed my teeth then splash ice cold water (it never did warm up) on my face. for breakfast B fixed bacon, eggs & leftover potatoes. in my sleep deprived state i agreed to stay another night.

we went back to town, kmart specifically, to get a[n artic weather appropriate] sleeping bag for me. B also looked for tent heaters, but no dice. before we left though we hit the bathroom where they had glorious warm water. i couldn't believe it had only been 24 hrs since i felt that warmth. what i would have given for a full size tub in there!

then we went over to pick up another day's worth of food - hot dogs, deli potato salad & cinnamon rolls for the next day's breakfast.....healthy camping food.

we attempted to find a camp ground/hiking area that we were told the vw couldn't handle. for the most part they were wrong, we went up almost the entire mountain but then the road got muddy & we figured we were lucky to have made it as far as we did. so we went back to camp & hiked around there.

Z stopped at pretty much every single spot that had snow wanting his picture taken. B started just making "clickclick" sounds after about #30....
Z also decided he loved picking up kindling & burning, that would be pinecones, but for some reason with him the end up 'corns.

after our walk we took a good look at the tent, i hadn't noticed but B realized not only did we have a mesh roof (with a nylon cover) there were flap/vent things ALL around, so at best the temp in the tent was in the low 30s - SEE why i was freezing my patootie off! & the 2nd night was supposed to be even colder - yah!

we took the nylon cover off & put a sheet over the tent, then replaced the cover hoping an extra layer would help insulate. then we strapped this & that every conceivable direction so the vents wouldn't open with the wind. i wasn't as cold the 2nd night although i think it was a colder & i'm pretty sure at one point a little snow fell, that or heavy rain....

the next morning we had our coffee & cinnamon rolls then packed, packed, packed everything into the car. we had a big ole tool box in the trunk bc of the possible ghetto house trip which took up too much space (not to mention the extra weight); for a minute there i thought we might have to strap Z to the roof of the car. you've seen cars with stuff packed so high they can't see out the windows? yeah, that was us for one measly 2 night camping trip.

we went tubing in the slush, Z had a blast. the days were nice so the snow was melting fast.
although i probably made it sound bad, i think our 1st camping trip was a success & we'll do it again, we still have the cub scout one if not sooner with friends.

B's so sweet, he told me afterwards that the main reason he wanted to go was so i could experience it, the 3 of us, bc he knows how uncomfortable i am being out of my element in front of others.
i told him he planned a bad camping experience so now anything else will be better!

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