Sunday, March 27, 2011

the party, THE40

so we did it, we planned, invited & they came! YAH! [except for the whole 40 part]
a celebration for THE40, for March birthdays - B, M, ES & wife (although she's not 40) & L.

actually a fe
w days prior to the party i decided to be good with turning 40. i mean i had the dreams, but i realized the alternative to turning 40 is being dead, so hey, this is awesome! like totally!

we had a backyard bbq & people came throughout the afternoon & some stayed late & we had a really good time all together. it was just like bbq's we used to have....

well, less marines & no one went flying through the screen door. i remember the time a couple of the guys started wrestling & of course one of them got mad & then there was blood & then there was little ole me yelling at a couple of marines to "get the f-out of my house!"
thankfully, it was not like that....

neighbors J&M, KB & the new ones came by, RB & family showed up, the hs gang & a few others also made it. M brought a bouncy house which was fabulous for the kiddos. we had tons of food & everyone brought tons more, it was food extraordinaire [my kinda party for sure!]. M also brought a extra-yummy margarita recipe; not to mention jalapeno carrots & salsa fresca. S made cheesy potatoes which everyone loved & her aunt sent up some hot sauce & capirotada [mexican bread pudding]. so much was going on i don't know who brought what, someone brought chocolate chip cookies & 3 kinds of cheesecake appeared on the table.

for a moment we were in a panic thinking ES was gonna flake, but he made it, surprised us all. even S&J made it. i think we need to do it again soon!

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