Tuesday, March 15, 2011

getting older

this actually happened a few months ago, that fact it gets posted right after talking about THE 40 is just coincidence...

this is how you know you've reached "a certain age" bc otherwise certain thoughts never would enter your mind, case in point:

so i was in the shower & i noticed something off-white on the floor. i can't see without my glasses & simply assumed it was shampoo/conditioner/ body wash (bc all those things make perfect sense). i used my foot to slosh some water over it but it didn't dissolve, didn't really make much of an impact at all. the mass, if you will, was more solid than i anticipated, so then the thought process began...

[yes, i was alone, so don't think it was that!]

i hadn't coughed
or sneezed
or had any other voluntary
or involuntary muscle contractions;

so that meant something fell out of my body
& i didn't even realize it.

slight panic!

then i bent down & discovered it was just a piece of sponge.

i was mentally scarred from traveling that path though.

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