Thursday, March 24, 2011


i haven't written any dream posts in some time...

last night, i don't remember any of the circumstances however the point of the dream was - a job will come when the time is right.
although i love staying home it's really is getting to me. the job market does seem to be opening up so i'm sending out more applications/resumes, but still minimal results. remember the interview? the following week i sent a followup email to the HR person & she said no decisions had been made but shortly thereafter i found the position listed again.

i went on another interview last week. the job description was mis-leading though, so during the HR interview everything i said i wanted was not what the job entailed. the interview with the hiring managers seemed ok, one hardly said anything besides "do you have any questions for us?" REPEATEDLY & the other one seemed uncomfortable speaking. anyways, it's a large company but working in a SMALL office & doing really basic office stuff so i hope they don't call me back unless it's for something else. i know that sounds bad coming from someone who's jonesing for a job, but i don't want to work somewhere that's going to drive me bonkers in 3 months.

oh wait, we were talking about dreams, darn tangents.....

last week i had 2 strange dreams, in the first one we (B & I) had a teenage daughter, she was pretty much Z with long hair & just as much attitude...possibly more. strike that, it was a nightmare not a dream.
the next day or so i dreamt that i woke up with grey/white hair. there were a few strands of brown in there, but i had to LOOK for them. it was ghastly! [yes, i do have dreams where i wake up, it's not unusual at all for me.]

then there's the crazy dream that actually occurred a few months ago but really stuck in my head [bc yes, it was that weird!] we had a dog, not sure if it was lady or not, but she was having puppies. the first one came out & we were holding it, looking at it, etc & not really paying attn to momma dog but kinda noticed that she was really working at birthing pup #2. some time passes before pup #2 arrives, only it's not a pup, it's a baby.

as in a human baby.

it was encased in some sort of embryonic sack that was very tight. i assumed, bc well, um, it was human & it's momma was a dog among other reasons, that it was stillborn, then i think i made a noise or something happened bc the baby opened it's eyes & looked directly at me. now, that sounds a little horror-movie-like, but in my dream i wanted that baby & there was no evilness.

i knew i had to open the sack so the baby could get oxygen. i grabbed at the film but there was no slack. i was pinching the baby's face through it trying to get a hold of some to rip it apart, then finally i was able get a little bit right between the eyes. i don't know if it was a boy or a girl, but i saved it.


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