Thursday, March 10, 2011

B's birthday

i can't believe it.
it's starting.
remember meg ryan in "when harry met sally" & she's says "but it's out there!!!"?
the 40s...

we didn't get to really celebrate on the day; B not-worked. that would be he volunteered all day & had class at night. he's volunteering at the VA hospital to get credits for his nursing program pre-reqs, so he was up & out early in the morning. he was hoping to not-work a short day so we could spend a little time together; but it didn't work out that way. the dept he was working in was falling more & more apart & by chance an opportunity to move came up so he ended up staying all day to get things in order.
he said that was a birthday present to himself.

Z was home by the time B arrived so we sat around & watched B open his presents. we got him flowers & a balloon [Z picked out the pink, flowery, girly one], 4 work shirts & some fancy goodies (shampoo, moisturizer & shaving cream) from here & here. B's mom sent him boxes of shirts & other items as well. then before we knew it, B was off to class.

Z & I had our normal evening of homework & dinner, then B surprised us & came home early from class so we could have jello cake together. he didn't even want us to sing happy birthday to him, but we did, fast.

so it was a quiet celebration although it's a big one. in a few weeks we will celebrate with friends; at least we're all turning 40 together...

when B asked me if i wanted a party for my birthday i said "where at the mortuary so we can celebrate the passing of my youth?" no, the march celebration is enough i think.

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