Saturday, May 14, 2011

Z antics

in the midst of all the nana going ons Z was not one to fade out of the limelight:

- one day i found, laying in a stack of papers near his backpack, his progress report. out of 8 behavior sections 6 either needed improvement or were unsatisfactory (even lower than N). teacher wrote that he is very distracted & often needs directions repeated. she also rated his reading & writing at 2- & +, respectfully, which is partial mastery of grade level.

- then he was kicked out of his afterschool program for choking a girl. he claims it was an accident, that they were playing bunny ears & they were running towards each & somehow he accidentally caught her neck. who knows, at this point he's lied a lot, got into so much trouble for hitting other kids, we will never know the truth.

- next i received a phone call from my bff peggy, the vp. she asked if Z had told me about their conversation, of course not. then she went on to tell me a parent had come in to complain about Z, same parent/child from the last episode. the boy feels bullied by Z. Z acted like he was going to break the boy's necklace & while they were standing in line somehow or another Z was horsing around & he ended up making the boy fall down & break his glasses.

- a few days later Z returned to the afterschool program & within 2 days he was kicked out again. this time for punching 2 girls in the stomach. he said he was playing ball with a boy, the girls came up & tried taking the ball away from them. he didn't admit to hitting them though, he said they ran into his fist, accidentally....

this was all going on while i was trying to recover from losing nana.

i called the pediatrician, picked up a form for add/adhd & gave it to Z's teacher on monday. i told her the dr's office reviewed evals on tuesday, so she had the eval ready for me the next day. when i picked up Z from school to start our trip for nana's services, i dropped off the evals at the dr's office.

i felt broken,
a failure at parenting.


  1. You are a GREAT parent. We can't control the paths our children take when aren't with us... All we can do is show them the right one when we are. I've SEEN both of you in action, and I find no fault at all with the way you handle things. We can't hold their hands in the lunch line, on the playground or in class. Just this afternoon, I heard Z tell my M some rules of life that I'm sure he heard from you... Something about playing nicely... So he IS listening. He does get it. He may not quite be able to control an impulse as quickly as a parent would wish, but I have faith that he will get there. In the meantime, I hope you get some answers, or a path to follow, or whatever. I'm sorry we never got a chance to continue our talk from last week... I haven't forgotten.

  2. haha, thanks J! he's all about enforcing the rules when someone else is concerned :-)


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