Monday, May 2, 2011


i was tired & went to bed early, but i had a difficult time falling asleep. i got up at 11, unable to fall into a deep sleep the best remedy was to eat something. i got up again at 3, it wasn't that i was hungry, but i still couldn't sleep. i tossed & turned, when i did sleep it wasn't restful. i kept on hearing this song, it's the theme from the novela nana & i used to watch.

i remember waking up hot, not from the room temperature though it felt like i was running a fever. i know i was awake after 4:30 as i was contemplating getting up to read, but i eventually at some point early in the morning fell asleep. i got up shortly before 10; my body felt heavy & my head was foggy, i thought i was getting sick.

i had just received an email from my uncle [fyi, my uncle is oft known for getting the carriage before the horse, having sensitivity issues & mostly [at least in my book] for being an ass] announcing nana's FUNERAL, i was astounded [yet again] at his level of assery.

B & I sat there & talked about it. B said he hoped nana lived beyond the date. then, ugh, B made the leap that possibly nana was gone. [fyi, sometimes i really hate how often he's right!] B suggested i call my uncle, but i didn't want to. either way it would not be good - a) i'd tell him what an ass he was for sending out a funeral announcement while she's still alive, 2) if she had passed i would tell him what an ass he was for, X) not calling me, 11.1) not stating that minor detail in the email.

so i called the facility & when i asked them about nana's status they replied "didn't hospice call you?" when i said no, the nurse informed me she had passed early that morning about 6am, so i told her i would come in to gather nana's things.

i texted cousins C & ME, then called my mom.

B came with me to get nana's things & my mom met us there. nana's side of the room had already been emptied, all personal belongings were gone, nothing of her was left behind. her roommate was there, she cried for us. my mom spoke with her while i went to talk with the nurses & get nana's things.

i asked the nurse for nana's time of death so she looked at the chart; at 11pm hospice noticed nana was bleeding, she passed at 5:03am. they gave me nana's bags of clothing & other belongings which we had planned on going through there, but it was much too sad. nana's roommate had left bc it was too hard for her to stay there as well. the roommate told my mom she had been woken up at 3am bc of the commotion going on in nana's side of the room.


  1. so very sorry to hear about nana. i just got caught up on your blog entries over the past few weeks and teared up when i read about nana... i felt like i knew her! you and yours are in my prayers. many blessings.


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