Thursday, February 3, 2011


so it's been months since i've posted any real updates on nana, she was over for thanksgiving & christmas. i've accompanied her to dr appts, except that one where i totally showed up late, oopsie! i still try to go see her every other day or so, she's settled into things at the facility going to coffee & arts & crafts activities.

some days she's good, really great except her appetite has waned, other days, she says she doesn't feel well & stays in bed all day. my uncle surprisingly makes it down to visit her once a week & other family members & friends are trying to stop in to visit her as well. a few months ago nana ended up changing rooms after her roommate when bonkers bc a bunch of loud mexicans kept coming into the room. nana seems more comfortable in her new spot, the lady watches novelas all day.

i didn't make it to the Feb appt, but at the last one, which i was dreading, like i do each time, bc really what more can the dr tell us, at the last one he said nana was still doing remarkably well. i cried in the car to & from, but managed to hold it together in front of her [surprisingly]. i know she understands now, i've seen her face the realization of her life ending & she is brave.

the other day i met my cousin at nana's, we sat outside & talked while nana listened to us chatter away. she asked nana how were the tortillas i made & nana replied "she tries" classic nana!
& the other day she asked me out of the blue "are you going to color your hair?" so i asked "do i need to?" to which she replied "yes". i then asked her if i had grey hair & she said "no, it's too orange though".

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