Saturday, February 5, 2011


my hs buddies have been coming to visit us lately; it's been great, even though we don't do much.....we're so exciting over here, come hang out, watch some movies & eat with us!

i think the first time S came over we were in recovery mode, the next time she came over she came down with some extreme creeping crud & slept the entire time (poor thing) & the next trip M & baby came too!

fyi, Lady did not like squeaky little thing. ok, not that she didn't like her, just she didn't know what to do with such a thing that made noises like that.

for baby's 2nd birthday i crocheted pair of slippers for her, although they came out big & a hat with a ruffly edge. i chose a purple & green yarn which in hindsight i should have just used a plain simple pink or purple, the combo doesn't seem very little girl. oh well, next time! although those slippers will probably still fit next year!

now we're hoping to get a march birthday thing together, i'm excited & hope it works out.

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