Wednesday, February 9, 2011

anniversaries, yes, with an -ies - pt II

ok, so pt I was about how we found the house & like i said we were going to be way out of our comfort zone taking on this thing called mortgage with an impound account & pmi (private mortgage insurance which sucks!!!) bs. even though it worked out on paper we still weren't feeling cozy about it, so we decided there were a few things we could do to ease us into the situation.

we were engaged, we knew we were getting married. actually months into our relationship B was telling me he was going to marry me....i didn't believe him though, back then that is, 5 years & a deployment later i did. we chose to use our savings that would have gone to wedding expenses to put down on the house, it was an either/or situation & this girl definitely chose the house [hello, trailer park calling].

we decided to elope & keep it secret.

we were buying the house together, this made that paperwork easier & we wouldn't have to change it later. B would get a pay increase & we would be able to save more $ so we could have a proper wedding sooner. the idea of keeping it a secret was so it wouldn't take away from the formal event when it happened.

we got up one morning, got dressed, we were both wearing jeans & black sweaters, it was raining. we were at my mom's i asked her if she wanted to come with us bc we were going to get married & she did [subtle, i know]. we drove down to the county office & were married by a justice of the peace with my mom as our witness.

not what girls dream about, but we had a plan.
[see blog title, says it all...]


  1. i love mom we're going to go get married. want to come with? :-)

  2. at least shotguns weren't involved!


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