Sunday, February 20, 2011

cub scout camping

the trip was planned some time ago & let's just go with yeah, i was bit worried....
in a tent.
not exactly me.

however a long time ago i told Z i would try it, so i was up for it worried or not. we found a tent & bought a sleeping bag for Z, figuring we could sleep on the air mattress. then came food planning, which i have no clue about. most of the meals would be in a group; but hello, it's us, we eat, a lot & often, then some more for good measure, then we snack.

we planned on bringing additional sausages to grill & have with hotdog buns & a can or 2 of beans. i was also looking up granola bars recipes, something with dried fruit & nuts but not overly sweet.

then a couple of days before the trip it was canceled due to bad weather. crazy i know, but we did get a good storm over the weekend & if we had gone camping, that would have been my one & only time for sure!

so i have a little more time to get used to the idea of sleeping in a tent & figuring out wth people eat whilst camping.


  1. You know what? We have MORE than enough camping gear and experience for BOTH families! And car camping is pretty easy, especially when you bring an inflatable mattress. So. LETS GO this summer! There are some really cool campgrounds around here... We would seriously have a good time. Promise. Guitars and campfires and drinks!!! What's not to love? I have the camp cooking thing down. And we basically eat pretty much like we do at home... Grilled chicken, broccoli, pasta, some cookies for dessert, it's all good, baby! :)


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