Friday, February 11, 2011


wow, it's pretty crazy to think we've been married for 10 years.

in the morning i got Z off to school & when i returned B was up on the computer. i started getting things together to pack up for our night away from home. i found B's card on the vanity; it was classic, i had depilatory on 1/2 my face [what can i say, i didn't want to have a fuzzy face] & went over to kiss him & said "this is what you get 10 years later...lucky you!"

we picked up Z from school then took him over to the neighbor's house. oh, not the intended neighbor, unfortunately our planned babysitter ended up with forgotten plans so i had to ask another friend. gotta love someone coming & asking for last minute overnight babysitting! yeah, 10 years, non-refundable hotel, at a casino & a comedy show. all completely not kid appropriate; but thankfully the neighbor came through - YAH! thanks J!

so we headed up to one of the nearby casinos, i didn't realize there were a few. we checked into our suite, then checked things out. i have to say i was disappointed they didn't have a bigger pool spa area, a definite opportunity for improvement especially if they want to get summer guests. they also have a spa, although we didn't attend, instead we headed to the casino bar area.

i actually managed the impossible & embarrassed B by asking the bartender if he knew how to make a tom collins. he did, they were good & i had 2, but B said i should have just ordered it. i wasn't trying to embarrass the guy, it's just i've ordered one several places/times & most of the time i will get "if you know what's in it, i can make it" - no thank you!

after our couple of drinks we decided we needed some food to balance out our alcohol content. the buffet was not all that but they did have prime rib, so we were pleased. i managed to save a little room for dessert, a small piece of 4 layer chocolate cake! it was SO good, surprisingly not overwhelmingly sweet with 4 layers of frosting.

shortly after that it was comedy show time. the 1st two comedians were crap, sorry but just bc you throw "f" in every sentence does not make it funny, you still have to have some comedic factor as a base [the "f" exemplifies, it does not create]. the headliner was great though, he didn't even get into his routine bc he was interacting with the audience the entire time. after the show we threw some cash in the machines then it was time for bed, we were done.

the next morning i felt like i'd been hit by a truck; good thing 10 yr anniversaries are spaced out a bit. i was going to need a few days to recover; not from what you think though, although the bed was comfortable i woke up all night long either freezing or drenched is sweat [sexy, i know]. we got up, had breakfast & were home before noon.

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