Wednesday, September 15, 2010

we are cub scouts

i guess only Z is really. you remember him right? yah, i know, it's been awhile, poor kid has been totally ignored by this blog. but that's ok, i'd rather lack blog fodder than have a tantrum of the day entry...

so the kiddo is finally at grade level, actually a little above in math, so we can have a distraction or 2. the past couple of years Z's been interested in that whole boy scout thing, but i can't even imagine what school nights would have been like trying to fit meetings, readings & other badge related work in there some how!

last week we went to our first cub/pack/den/whatever meeting; it was complete chaos. Z & I sat at the table with the eldest boys (um, 5th graders i think) & holy crow i had no idea boys could chitchat so much, it was insane. surprisingly i made it through without yelling or shushing anyone, then i got to met the head dude for Z's group. he seems like a pretty nice guy & he made sure i knew that's not how things normally go, this was just bc it was the whole group & 1st of the year yada yada.

this week B was able to go with us & the meeting was at head dude's house. the boys have a good time together & i think this will be really good for Z. he's learning the salute is not hitler like [needed some work at the first meeting]. he's still not really good friends with anyone at school, so i hope this will help him figure that out & possibly this will give B & Z something to do together....although i may be tagging along sometimes too.

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