Tuesday, September 21, 2010

don't call it a comeback

[that's LL Cool J if you didn't get it]

so we all remember Z's history of school troubles right? first grade was full of them, first the punch, then more punching, the suspension, hitting a girl, do i need to go on bc i'm getting tired & we haven't even started on 2nd grade....

haha, i just spent the last hour searching & apparently last year i was in denial, er um, blog denial at least bc i didn't post anything about Z's shit, i mean antics. so yeah, early on in the year there was a suspension for hitting, then there was the time where a girl in line defended someone else so Z spat in her face, then there was the time Z chased his girlfriend who has extreme shellfish allergies with dirty shrimp hands [what school serves shrimp poppers i ask? really, they were asking for it!].

all in all i think there was only 1 suspension last year though, so an improvement [i know really searching for silver linings, live my life though ok!].

anyways moving on to 3rd grade...he's been telling me lately about kids calling him names & such. i've told him the best thing to do is tell an adult or walk away. we've had the conversation a few times & every single time i tell him how proud i am of him for not responding in a way that gets him in trouble.

B & I talked about it the other night, my initial response was to tell them "to f-off" but that doesn't work so well on the playground. B's option was tell them "that's not what your momma said" which 3rd graders wouldn't understand - i hope!

today though i'd had it, maybe bc i'm not feeling well, but i just feel so bad for the kid. today i told him when someone calls you a name tell them "so, you're ugly".

you should have seen that smile!

i told him never start it, only reply & walk away immediately.


  1. caine had a book that had the kid say "so" if anyone said anything not nice. which i guess is just a small step from your suggestion. lol hopefully that works for him. :-)

  2. this last round was a couple of girls teasing him, but i figure boys won't like being told they're ugly either...

    i just want to empower him a little yet hopefully not start a fight.


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