Friday, September 17, 2010

moved nana

yesterday we moved nana to a facility closer to my mom & i. the previous place did pretty much all they could to keep her, from saying the fax wouldn't go through to telling us we were liable for the transfer. so glad to be done with that place!

it was mexican independence day though; the old place said they were going to have live music, although nana never saw it so it didn't happen or she missed it & at the new place, their festivities were had earlier in the day, so she missed that too. she did have a burrito, beans & red rice for dinner & she was quite pleased to finally have some mexican food.

the rooms aren't all that great, but a little more cheery than the dark rooms at the other place. this room she has a view of the garden & her roomie doesn't mind her looking out the window. the furniture is kinda ugly but we're welcome to bring in stuff to home to make it more individualized. the garden isn't as nice but it's a lot bigger & they have cats [although nana doesn't like them, she does like to watch them.]

bottom line, they're all about the same or just not good, it's more about the people. the employees here seem a bit happier, the other residents are friendly & helpful. the facility's schedule offers more activities besides "the 4 o'clock news" on tv.


  1. glad she got moved and the other place loosened their grips on her!

    maybe z, b and you could help fix up the garden. or at least plant some colorful things in it near nana's window. and maybe add some pinwheels or other garden "art". you are there enough to take on the water duties of that one space. or just do pots or something. i wonder if the facility will let you. that would be nice. is nana a gardener? maybe she'd want to help.

  2. i don't think they'd let us plant anything outside, but the garden art is an idea as i've seen a few birdhouses out there.

    nana used to love her garden but now she says she doesn't want anything bc she can't take care it. i plan on taking a potted plant in once we get her settled, i can take care of it for her.


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