Saturday, September 18, 2010


today would have been my dad's 64th birthday....that's not very old.
it's weird to think that he's gone, he was always there. ok, not THERE, but you know, somewhere...just not here & i didn't know where that there was....

out of the blue someone left a note on our door a few days ago that they were interested in buying my dad's car. that made me realize it's out there & i really do need to do something about it, preferably sooner rather than later.

i drove his car for the first time today. B had to jump it as the battery was dead, but it drove just fine. Z said he liked the way it smelled [you can smell cologne from outside the vehicle even with all the doors closed & windows up].

in between the nana drama, i've made some progress over the past few months with my dad's things though:
- the bank no longer returns my phone calls. a few days ago i submitted a complaint to the BBB, it was approved & sent to the bank for response.

- finally i was able to get in contact with a sheriff who was willing to take a report on the theft. i've probably spoken to 10 different people throughout the county before getting this one; although he did warn me the report could get nixed by higher ups, i have a case # & THAT is something.

- 2 of the vendors tell me they've refunded some or all of the charges [although the bank is not crediting the account->part of the BBB complaint], while the 3rd vendor won't do anything without the police report.

the past few months my dad has been a bigger part of my life than he'd ever been before.

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