Monday, August 30, 2010

1st day of 3rd grade & other stuff i missed

where did the summer go people?
well, even with visiting hospitals all over the countryside & a little jaunt to hollywood to balance things out, it's over. i had so many other things that i wanted to write about, enjoyable moments were fleeting & i didn't even write about Z's final report card or his test results bc well, shit just got in the way....

STAR student report, i'm not sure why it's all in caps, but ok...for english/language arts Z ranked just above proficient!!! thank you, thank you, yes, we are very proud! after a hellish 1st grade with bull*hit teachers & school programs, 2nd grade helped tremendously! i think we would have been satisfied with basic (330-349) but he got 353 & yes, those couple of points were a bonus.

& you know although 1st grade teachers lied & said he wasn't good in math either, Z scored 415. fyi, that's advanced as in higher than proficient! talk about vindicated!! i really, really, really wanted to send a copy of this to the old school [along with a note that said "bit*hes"!]

ok, onward to 1st day of 3rd grade now that we've talked about that...

Z didn't even fret, not one bit. [again i wonder if we're related bc i had a dream the previous week about going to class & not doing my homework & i'm the only person in the house that isn't going to school!!!] we'd been doing the countdown for sometime & B starting school the week before kinda prepped us too, so Z was just like whatever crazy ocd mom!.

the morning of he got up, got ready, had breakfast - all no big deal. we started walking to school when i realized OMG we hadn't taken the front door official first day of school pic!!! so we had to go back & do that, then we had to run to school.

we knew Z's teacher's name, but not the room #, so we had to go to the front of the school to look that up. as we searched to find the classroom [which was harder than it sounds bc i didn't realize but the map we looked at was posted upside down] we heard these weird sounds but ignored them only to discover that was the new bell system & Z was late for line-up. yah, way to start the new year!

the teacher caught us though, asked if we were looking for her so Z joined in line with the rest of the kids. as each kid walked into class she said good morning & welcomed them, then they started their day. even though we weren't allowed in the class, this teacher seems much friendlier than last year's.

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