Tuesday, August 10, 2010


first we went to visit cousin C & baby C at children's hospital. baby C had gone longer than ever before since his last check up & he did well on this one too! there was a little bit of growth but not much & they don't have to come back for a few months again - YAH!

then we went to visit nana. i knew my uncle (a$$hole one) was supposed to visit today, but the way the day went we were headed that way about 3:30ish. that gave them plenty of time to get up here, visit & get out.

i brought nana some things so the boys went in first while i checked everything in. when i got to the room i realized there were too many voices & my assumption was wrong, they were still there.

they talked with B, asked about school & such while i spoke with nana. my aunt talked with me some & i showed nana the clothing & stuff i brought her. about 1/2 hour later or so they left. my aunt walked past me, but my uncle actually stopped & shook my hand, then he gave me a hug.

i was shocked.

my aunt came back & hugged me as well, then she asked me what my child's name was.

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