Saturday, August 7, 2010


on fri when my mom & i went to visit nana she was sad, she even started to cry. she told us my uncle was going to rent her house out, that she wasn't going home.

it was so sad.

we couldn't really say anything as we didn't know what his plan was, we could only tell her she couldn't go back home bc it just wasn't safe for her anymore.

what i hadn't mentioned in my email to uncle B was that Dr F was appalled nana hadn't previously seen an oncologist, he said it was a standard follow up when a tumor was located. then when i spoke with the lady at the cancer place, she had the same reaction. she asked who was nana's dr at the hospital back in oct, she wanted somebody's head. she said nana had been failed, someone somewhere along the line dropped the ball & sealed nana's fate.

there's a part of me that thinks my uncles knew this.
that they may have chosen it.
to be free of the burden.

when we left nana she was worried she was going to moved & lost. i can't imagine what she's going through.


  1. i don't know your uncles but there is a special place for them when the time comes.

  2. I keep telling myself the same thing.


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