Friday, August 13, 2010

another valley trip, the eventful one

Z stayed with my mom, B & I headed down to the valley. we didn't rush to beat the heat, mid-july there's no beating it...we were on the freeway by 10:30 & my mom gave me grief about being so late & here i thought we were doing well.
honestly she doesn't understand what it takes to get this family out the door before noon.

we hit town & went directly to nana's house. we went in & my first stop was to gather the albums we'd left behind but someone had been through them; they were no longer all in the same place & some pics were missing. i decided to take every photo & album i saw. i wasn't taking them for myself, only taking them so they wouldn't be lost. i'm going to scan them & email out to everyone, later i'll worry about what to do with originals.

i went through nana's kitchen items, her mocahete was gone but i found her old tortilla roller. it has a chunk missing out of it now, like someone hit it against something. i gathered more clothes for nana also, items that i'd seen her wearing lately, hopefully they will make her more comfortable.

it was really hot [duh!] & we hadn't eaten anything so B & I decided to go have lunch which was a good idea bc i'm even more emotional when i'm hungry & that was definitely an emotional situation. it was a bad idea bc when we returned i noticed the front screen door was locked although i knew i hadn't locked it when we left. seconds after we entered the house the alarm went off.


i went to the neighbor's house, but they didn't answer.
i called nana's caregiver & she said she didn't know how to disarm it & for me to call my uncle [a$$hole one].


i call & luckily his wife answers [probably bc he's on the other phone with the alarm company]. so i tell her i'm at the house getting the pics & clothes for nana although i was there just a little bit earlier when i returned from having lunch someone came & set the alarm. she laughs & says "oh it's you!"

yeah, me [& the popo is on the way]

then she says "well we had to set the alarm bc someone broke in & stole a bed out of the front room. & they told us there was a truck out in front of the house."

yeah, the bed belongs to cousin C she probably came for it, it's her bed & the truck is B's truck. [yes, the popo totally showed up, it was so NOT awesome]

so we had to show the officer our id's then he wanted to come inside to check out the house & dang if B hadn't already started dis-assembling the f-ing alarm so it was all hanging down with wires everywhere & a chair under it! but we got away with it, i mean they let us go & didn't cart our a$$es off to jail...that would have been funny, i mean sucked, well both really.

once he left & all was settled with my aunt B & I decided we were done with this crap & we needed to leave. that is until we looked at the alarm & noticed it still said it was armed - F. so i had to call my aunt back & tell her we needed 2 things: 1)how to set the alarm when we left, but more importantly, 2)how could we get out of the house?

oh & in between those phone calls i found out someone said nana was being released from the facility & coming home. so then i had to call my uncle B somewhere in the middle of the alarm & popo & aunt/uncle conversations to find out wtf was going on bc really i didn't want to take things if she's coming home & i thought we all agreed it was safest for her to not????

my uncle B tells me a relative stopped to visit nana at the center but she wasn't there, how that turned into nana coming home i don't know, but it was his daughter [ME] that had taken nana to her house for a couple of hours.

does my family need to work on their communication issues or what?

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