Wednesday, July 21, 2010

mom & Z updates

mom - 2 days after burying my dad, mom went in for her complete knee replacement surgery. i went to see her everyday in the hospital & cousin S came to take care of her for the 1st week home.

it's been a tough recovery for my mom, we're not good with that whole dependent thing, not to mention all the pain she's been in. she told me the drugs were good, although coming down wasn't...yeah, she totally went through withdrawals.

therapy has been tougher than she expected, but finally they told her she can drive, if she feels she's up to it. i told her to stay close to home, don't go out if it's busy & cover the brake with her left foot just in case her right one doesn't make it over in time.

all we need is her getting in a accident....


the boy - .....
do we have to go here?
he's trying to be good, but you know, that's like hard & stuff, it requires thinking ahead & self-control, stupid things like that...

he's going 2x/wk to a place to play with other kids & socialize, fun right? that's the objective, except for the past...i don't know 3 or 4 weeks he's brought home one note a week.

they're not nice notes.

one a week.

he goes 2x a week.

we're waiting for the shape up or ship out letter/talk...

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  1. maybe he needs a different place. my niece got moved up to a different room at preschool (they have rooms by ages) and it's been like night and day. in the previous room she didn't want to do her "projects" or listen to her teacher and really didn't even want to go to school. as soon as she changed rooms she WANTED to go to school and stay all day (where as before she was only going 1/2 day because she had such a bad attitude about it which spilled into home afterwards). come to find out she didn't like her previous teacher and said she was mean and yelled a lot. maybe the place he's going to just doesn't get him. you know?


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