Thursday, July 22, 2010

talking to walls

i think my child & my mother are having on contest on who can listen to me less...

i realize Z is a boy
& he's 8
most of all he's B's son.

here goes the mom rant:
i'm driving down the freeway to pick her up & suddenly the road turns into a parking lot. i'm near her exit, so i call her & let her know the roads bad so we'll need to get going right away when i get there.

her response - ok, i'm going to go walk the dogs now

??? - i'm literally 5 minutes away & now miffed

as i approach her place every person i see walking a dog is getting stared at until i realize it's not my mother; thankfully she's not still out dog walking. i park all half-hazzard in front of her house & go up to the door only to discover she doesn't have it open [screened] so she can at least hear the car or me approach. i ring the doorbell & she opens it & she's still brushing her teeth.

!!! - at this point mom is winning the race & i haven't even spent a minute with her.

i don't say anything bc i can't [which probably makes this all the more infuriating] & on the drive she tells me her dr's office called & she has an appt on monday. previously her friend T had been taking her to these appts, so i asked was that what was going to happen, or if she was going to drive [remember they gave her thumbs up the other day] or if she needed me to take her. T has to work so she can't take her, she's decided she'll drive herself.

me - ok, well have you driven around your area yet to see how it feels? how's your reaction time? are you in any pain?

mom - no, not yet

so she hasn't driven locally but she thinks she's going to be ok getting on 2 freeways, dealing with traffic & parking???????

mom - well, now that you mention the traffic is making me nervous & i'm not even driving.

i think i just blacked out bc i don't even remember the conversation beyond that point...probably took every ounce of self control to not explode & question wtf is she really thinking?

after her therapy & driving back home we resume the conversation bc she still on the whole "i'll drive myself" delusional trip. while i don't think it's impossible for her to do, i just think that shouldn't be her first time driving after 6 or 7 weeks on a new knee. so i'm trying to talk to her about going on a drive somewhere before monday to try it out.

she needed to pick up a prescription, so i suggested maybe we go to her house & she could drive from home to the pharmacy; 3 blocks, 2 lights, not a lot of driving, but something.

then she tells me:
"well the car hasn't been driven in so long, i don't know if it will start"

& she's going to wait for monday when she's going to a dr's appt to find out????

she doesn't make any f***ing sense at all...


  1. wait...she makes perfect sense FOR YOUR MOM. lol try to look at it that way.

    you need to get a mantra you can say in your head when she's doing her stuff...

    ohmmm this will pass ohmmm

    ohmmm i will survive this ohmmm

    ohmmm i will not become my mother ohmmm

    hang in there girl!!

  2. what i'm usually thinking is more along the lines of:

    are we related?
    [shhh....don't say anything]

    how could we be related?
    [stay quiet]

    [don't answer that]

    i'm adopted right?
    [try not to scream]

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