Wednesday, July 14, 2010

so i had a birthday

um, so yeah, in the middle of things...

let's do a quick recap of the past 2 months:
- found out my dad was in the hospital dying
- buried my dad & found out someone emptied out his bank account while he was incapacitated
- fighting with with bank, dell, papa johns & net10 to recover the stolen $$$
- my mom had knee surgery [thankfully no complications other than a hard recovery]
- now nana's in the hospital & i'm having to face her mortality [i think everyone else has come to terms with it except me]

i turned 39 years old
YAH, let's celebrate!

even if none of that was going on i wasn't too happy or excited about 39. 40 is something to celebrate, 39 is more like the death of your 30s.

B had class in the morning & evening, so we planned on an early dinner. then i got tired & decided i didn't want to get dressed & go out, all i wanted was to go home, get comfy & eat some mexican food.

oh & the boys did surprise me with pjs in the morning.

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