Wednesday, July 28, 2010

time keeps on slipping

[that's actually from a REALLY old song i remember listening to as a kid, rest of the line goes "into the future" - duh, where else should time go?]

so this is a nana update:
the stint thing went well & the next day (7/20) they transferred nana to a rehab facility (not that kind of rehab). my mom went with me to see her before the transfer & it was really good that we were there with nana as she was big time scared. she was worried about who was going to take her, like the hospital was just going to throw her out to the curb...hello, your in LJ, they don't do that there....

i called my cousin ME & thankfully she went down to the new joint after work to check on nana. ME said nana was pretty out of it, but i'm sure it helped ease nana's worries to see a familiar face even if she thought it was a dream.

7/21 - i visited nana, the place seemed nice, a bigger single room than the hospital, nice furniture & a sliding glass door to a big garden.

7/24 - nana told the nurse (Genie) she didn't want the pill that gave her diarrhea bc she had it bad all night, that she had it since the night before & after the night nurse cleaned her all up, she told her not to call again. so nana spent the night covered in her own fecal matter.

Genie was appalled, said an investigation would happen & confirmed with the morning nurse (Vanessa) that nana was in rough shape in the morning (she had to dress nana in borrowed clothes). i met with the social worker (Doris) to fill out the regular paperwork stuff & the first nurse & she also spoke about nana's incident. i left there unhappy about what had happened, but hopeful that the situation was being handled.

7/26 - i went back & no one knew anything of the incident & there was no documentation what so ever. i spoke with a completely different set of people & this time watched as the social worker (Pat) documented it.

the entire incident had been swept under the rug & now days later, when they asked nana about it she couldn't remember, thought it was a dream, didn't want to get anyone in trouble.

but at least there's something in writing now.

7/28 - i met nana at the hospital for x-rays & drain removal, she said all was well at rehab. she was relieved i met her there & nervous again about what was going to happen, but really it was only like 1/2 hour for everything & before we knew it they were telling us to leave. nana wanted me to ride back to rehab with her in the ambulance!

oh, yeah, B called the head honcho of nana's facility & threatened all kinds of things, supposedly nana should be getting rock star treatment now.

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