Sunday, October 31, 2010

everyday is Halloween

[this post is only like 2.78 weeks late, sorry, i have no excuse other than i'm a much better blogger when i'm getting paid to sit at a computer, when i'm at home i have too many distractions & i hardly get a chance to sit.]

while we started all the halloween plans early, it still snuck up on me...completely. initially Z wanted to be Dumbledore & that scared me, it's a whole lot of pretty & like skilled sewing, i'm all about messed up off kilter frankenstein, but if something is supposed to match up or meet, um, there's probably gonna be issues.

so i caved & showed the boy an ad from a costume store, he wanted a black robe & either scary mask from star wars or the scream mask. [hell to the no on the scream mask, the nightmares i would have from that, from the mask being in my house, no way jose!] i figured i would make the robe, but it was only $15 & i figured the material & time it would take to sew, it was a deal. i later found some blue material to drape around the front of the robe & a big medallion thing [& bc we're super classy, we hung it from some copper speaker wire].

on friday we went to the school carnival; it was even lamer [is that a word? seems weird] than last year's. the school has gotten even more strict about sweets & candy, so they didn't have classroom trick-or-treating. they had someone selling some food, a few other vendors & the haunted house. it was $3 & we let Z go by himself, he didn't even want to go a 2nd time, then he went to the playground.

he met up with his friend out there who asked if Z could stay the night but we had plans [not to mention the fact that a parent wasn't in sight]. the kid asked if Z could stay next weekend then & went on to tell me that they wanted to go to vegas...for a week.[!]

on sunday, halloween day, i was still fixing, hemming, hanging the blue material. we didn't even carve pumpkins this year, i didn't even think about them until halloween DAY.

Z had spent the night at grammie's so i figured after i picked him up, we'd go pick up a couple, but that was the day my mom psychoanalyzed Z, so pumpkins were out. [no, i'm not going further into that one]

at dark thirty we went over to one of the neighbors, another singleton, & asked if he wanted to go trick-or-treating with Z. it worked out, they were both star wars characters to boot. we just went up & down the block below us & our's. then i realized a few people saying "wow you have a lot of candy" sounding like "you're being really greedy" so i told the boys it was time to stop.

they both had quite a bit of candy, but it's more about going all around, who cares if your bag is full!

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