Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Z antics - 5 weeks

(aka call your bookie)

yeah, i know, we were all waiting, counting the days, the weeks, oh a month - woohoo!

then, yah....


a call from the principal
[doesn't this woman have anything better to do than call me?]

so during emergency preparedness practice stuff Z was disruptive [hello, 8 yo boy], but like a lot i guess & you know 3rd graders are practically adults there, so he's supposed to be responsible for his own actions & set a good example for the young ones.

that's not Z's m.o. people...

not only was he being disruptive & it took her many attempts to get his attn, make him behave, yadayada, while all the kids had their heads down on the tables to calm down he [along with others] took the opportunity to throw lunch foods around the room.

that was thursday's call, but then i got another one on friday about shit he pulled earlier in the week which he chose not to tell me about so the first i hear of it is from her....

on tuesday he defaced school property [colored & poked holes in some rubber blocks], then when he was supposed to turn his color card [to reflect his bad behavior] he flipped it the wrong way [ie better instead of worse] on purpose, then, THEN he was supposed to go to the "bad kid" room during lunch & HE TOTALLY BLEW IT OFF


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