Sunday, October 24, 2010

popcorn sales

Z's still doing the cub scout thing, we missed one meeting, bc of the restriction & all around being a little shit while on restriction....

i didn't even blog about his 1st popcorn sale; it was kinda a big deal bc not only was it his 1st & only time doing anything like that, but he was alone. i know, wth people? he got a 15 minute primer by the previous shift [3 boys] then was left to his own devices. he did well though, brought in over $200.

this weekend was round 2 of sales. he had help, which was actually more of a pain in the a** [well for me at least] than i expected it to be. the "help" was 9 almost 10 & thought he was so grown up & such a cub scout star & was a complete little s*** when his dad walked off. together the boys brought in about $200 again.

Z was hilarious though, his confidence went through the roof & as each person walked out of the store he would swing out his arm, full reach display with a bag of popcorn in hand & say:

"would you like some.........unbelievably tasty popcorn?"

seriously, he totally made that up the sales pitch all by himself.


  1. he's such the character! congrats on his sales!

  2. he was!

    i forgot to mention how the other, older kid tried to copy Z but fumbled it all with his lisp...[not that i'm making fun of anyone with a lisp, but if you're an a** & being a punk to my kid, yeah, i'm totally making fun of you!]


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