Thursday, February 16, 2012

Z updates bc we're so overdue for one....

well, let's see....right before christmas break, Z got in trouble at school & had it not been for that holiday, i'm pretty sure the teacher would have called us in for a talk.  luckily the break calmed & cleared everyone's head, i guess a 3 weeks will do that for you....thankfully.

Z got his 1st pair of glasses over the break, when he returned to school, his teacher even moved him from the front & center spot.  while i'm sure part of that was someone else was more deserving of her attn, it was good that it wasn't Z, even if only for a moment.

he did get a progress report; still not showing his work, not listening, not performing up to his abilities & behind in his AR testing.  [read child of B, not mine]

about week ago or so, the calls started up again.  i'm sure at least a part of it has something to do with B's new class schedule; 3 times a week Z goes to school before 8, when on regular days, he gets up at 8.  in this aspect the boy is like momma & he needs his sleep, lots & lots of it.  on the days B doesn't have school, he's had the chance to go in & talk with teacher, so we're working together.

again the boy is not showing his work, but one day when his teacher asked him why he didn't he told her "bc i don't want to" in front of the entire class, so he was sent to the principal's office.  he also went to the responsibility room where he did no work.  the spiral downward continued, bc that's what Z does.  i'm hoping he hit rock bottom & we're bouncing back, we'll see....

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