Saturday, February 18, 2012

Z deoderant & the oh shit story

one day at the end of the school day Z's hair was jacked up.  it wasn't cut [been there, done that], but it was all a mess.  i asked him maybe the girls had been playing & fixing up each others' hair, then they got a hold of him; nope that wasn't it.  then he explained to me that he'd been hot the day before so this morning he'd put underarm deodorant on his head....


the other day we went for one heck of a walk, actually it was a hike, 2 hours & miles do not equal a walk. anyways at the end of it B & I were in a heap, so we stopped at the park on the way home & Z ran into a couple of friends & played kickball.  [really, does he have to rub in all that darn energy?]

anyways, so Z kicks the ball & his shoe falls of & he says "oh shit!".  the were a ways of, so i asked B "did he just say that?" & B said "yes he did".  we let him play for a bit then we called the boy over & asked him about it.
B asked him where he heard it? - "from a movie/tv/whatever" [good answer]
Has he ever heard us say it? - "yes" [surprise]
Who says it more - "Poppa" [YES! & proof that he doesn't listen to a word i say....]


the other day at target or walmart, Z & I were near the feminine hygiene area.  thankfully, i've managed to steer clear of this discussion for some time.  i always remember that was a signal of "it's time to no longer bring the boy into the lady's restroom with you" after the time he asked me about the tampon dispenser.  i told him it didn't have any candy btw.....

then there has been an occasional question at home but easily answered with "be happy you're a boy & you don't need to know anything about this."  however, this time at the store, he pointed to a box of pads & then he smiled funny so i asked him what that was about & he told me he knew what they were for & he pointed to the right area.  i left it at that.

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