Wednesday, February 15, 2012

so we had an anniversary

yes, we did!

neighbor J watched the boy & although I wasn't feeling that great B had made reservations at that little french restaurant we used to go to a long time ago.  i was so glad considering recent economic times this place was still around.  B got the fish bc he's the chick & i got the beef wellington, cuz i'm the dude.  B wanted to go to the movies afterwards to watch "the vow" but i didn't want to rush dinner nor did i want to watch a sappy movie that was going to make me cry....[see chick/dude references].

it was nice to sit & have a relaxing dinner, the restaurant is not one to feed you & push you out the door.  B also noticed we were probably the youngest people in the restaurant & joked that we got the kiddie table.  we sat & talked for a bit after eating & although we'd decided to go to a coffeeshop, in my delirium i ordered tea so B got his espresso there.  I shouldn't be allowed to talk when i'm in that state.

B also got me some purdy roses, the yellow ones with the orange tips & a nice card.

the next evening Z asked if he could eat the left over b.wellington i brought home.  beings i wasn't feeling well the night before i didn't want to eat very much as it's quite rich.  Z didn't care for it, the meat was too rare, but beings it was there on the counter i tasted it again.  wow, was it ever good, yes, i had ordered it med-rare, but even re-heated it was still pretty red, so i understood why the boy didn't care for it.  however, it made me realize how off i was the night before.

i missed getting a card for B for our anniversary, but i got him one for valentine's day.  i didn't get a card for valentine's though, not that it was a big deal, more something we laughed about.  he did actually tell me when i was going to the store that if i wanted a card, i needed to buy one for myself.  i think i owe myself some valentine's day shoes or purse though...

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