Tuesday, July 12, 2011

racial slurs at their best

background - some time ago, when my mom was still talking with me, she was visiting & i don't remember how the conversation came about, but we were talking about the neighborhood car wash & i mentioned that i had taken the car in, but they had done a lousy job. then i went so far as to say "it was a bunch of white boys & they don't work as hard as the mexicans" bc normally it is a mexican crew & normally they do much better work. [sidenote - i'm both races, so i'm insulting myself 2x.]

but yes, i know, not exactly appropriate words....& trust me, i will pay for them, read on.

so skip forward to when S was visiting & she took her car to be washed & Z says to her: "the whities don't do as good of a job huh?"


i wasn't in the room, B said she kinda choked a little bit, but thankfully [omg!] she didn't get too worked up about it! so then B tells me about it & i'm had no recollection of it [until B unfolds the scene he apparently recorded scene-by-scene (wth?)].

ugh, so yes, we've had discussions with the little one about things being said in the home & certain things just shouldn't be repeated, etc.

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