Sunday, July 17, 2011

of course we saw jesus in vegas

on the strip...after midnight....on a wednesday....where else would he be?

as part of the birfday celebrations i flew the vegas & met S, thanks to her employer we stayed at Planet Hollywood :-)

wait, i guess i should go back & talk about how i had an entsy weentsie panic attack on the plane... hahaha, yes, i did, but i held my *hit together & nobody knew i was freaking out, so i have one lonely ounce of dignity... i flew on a lil bitty hopper plane to LA & after we landed my hands began to numb & i got hot & no matter how much i told myself "you're on the ground dumb*ss" it took everything i had to keep calm. then i spent like $50 on LAX snacks & qualudes dramamine. i was prepared for the other leg of my trip, only i didn't need it, bigger plane = no panic.

oh & before i left, Z made me cry at the airport, he was so upset i was leaving. i finally told B to take him, it was better for them to go rather than drag it out. silly to see the both of us crying like i was going away for a long time!

Weds night we walked the strip; among gobs of people we saw a few super heroes, a muscular man dressed in a toga & jesus (of course). the next day S had some silly training things to take care of so when i got up i walked the mall downstairs. they say vegas never sleeps but i discovered it does bc all the shops were closed until 10am. luckily M was on her way to town though! i think that's the night we splurged (unexpectedly) at the buffet, then we walked the other end of the strip.

Friday S finished her silliness & was free after lunch. we went out & walked about again while M stayed at our casino, it was hot so i didn't blame the girl. we walked & took a casino tram thing & it still took forever to get to some shark thing that we decided to not go to after all that! yeah....oh well, on the way back S gambled a bit here & a bit there, when ever she was up a tad she'd cash out & we were on to the next casino. then at one she actually made a little bank, we about ran out the joint. then we texted M & found out she'd won some too!

they'd made dinner plans so i was just the tag along. little did i know they were being sneaky & found a cheesecake specialty place. it was a quaint little italian place with homemade cheesecake. the food was really good & big portions, i didn't know the deal & didn't leave a spot for cheesecake, then i was surprised by a birthday serenade. oh, almost forgot to mention how the restaurant was entirely staffed by men.

Sat was time to leave; M went one way, S & I the other. the drive home seemed quick even though we stopped in LA to eat. i was happy to get home & see my boys. B even cleaned house, did laundry & changed the sheets [although i didn't hear that part & i changed them again].

thanks for my birthday dinner, cake & a memorable 40th birthday girls!

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